Providing workforce solutions, seeking long-term relationships for our clients and flexible working opportunities for our employees
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What we Offer

KTOB is a sales and marketing company that acts as an outsourced workforce solution to their clients, with the ability to assist with on-foot flyer distribution, door-to-door and teles-sales staff or in-store promotional employees, specifically trained for each client’s particular needs.

To our Clients

We seek to Build a Long-Term Relationship

in which we can tailor an on-demand workforce specific to your individual needs, with ongoing support and customisation of your workforce through direct contact with our directors.

To our Employees

We offer Flexible Working Opportunities

that includes campaign and client specific training, support from the KTOB team and opportunities for growth or promotion within the KTOB structure.

We aim to create value for ALL parties

We want to create and continue to grow a network of young professionals and dedicated students to create a workforce at KTOBs’ fingertips to utilise when, where and how our clients need.

Why we do what we do

The student employment market is saturated but does not offer students growth, training and real-life work experience with high-end clients. By curating the recruitment process for our clients, we are able to offer above average value, growth and experience. We aim to:

Achieve Greater Returns

Creating value and an
above average return on investments for our clients, as well as our employees.

Promote Core Competencies

These natural talents and core competencies are not being used as effective marketing tools.

Harvest Natural Talent

The student market is one of the richest in terms of natural talent.

Our Services

At KTOB we tailor our solutions to our clients’ specific needs. We achieve this by working closely with our clients on an ongoing basis to identify and determine the best means of ensuring a high return on their investment.

Outbound Communications & Marketing

We offer clients teams to assist with several communications and marketing services, such as:

  • Door-to-door services and sales
  • Flyer distribution
  • In-store promotions
  • Mall activations
  • Any bespoke combination of the above services


The KTOB Network & WorkForce

We are constantly growing as a result of our consistent recruitment efforts. At present we have over 75 people on various teams and many more at our disposal.

Where we Operate

KTOB is based in Cape Town, but operates in several major cities, including Johannesburg and Durban.

We are always seeking opportunities to grow and expand and desire to move into other provinces should this be viable for all parties involved.

Featured Client: Vumatel

Value we have added for our client:

  • Bespoke business development (both door-to-door and activations)
  • Informing and generating interest with residents pre-construction
  • Converting leads & assisting the sales division

K.T.O.B Team

KTOB is a family business started and run by two business-minded brothers; Luke and Conor O’Sullivan. Both brothers are SACS alumni.
Luke O'Sullivan

Luke O'Sullivan


Luke has completed his internationally accredited BCOM Law degree through the Independent Institute of Education while working part-time for a real estate brokerage in the Cape Town CBD. His degree, experience in property and investments as well as overall knowledge of homeowner’s needs and desires has given him a different, more intimate understanding of consumer needs, desires, procedural preferences and overall successful methods to approach consumers head-on. Luke is handling and growing KTOB locally and is working on extending KTOB’s reach within Africa.
Conor O'Sullivan

Conor O'Sullivan


Conor has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, initially dabbling in trading virtual currency at the tender age of 15. Having started his own stock portfolio at 16 under the supervision of a trusted trader, Conor learned many practical investing qualities. Upon completing school, Conor began working door to door for a promotions company whilst obtaining a slew of professional seamen qualifications. Conor, who quickly understood the business model of the promotion company, saw the opportunity to ensure that he could give back to those who he would consider his peers and approached Luke with an idea and some basic structures. Together they started KTOB Solutions with the idea of giving more back to students and young professionals who were essentially being taken advantage of in the promotions industry. Luke and Conor have since scaled the business exponentially with their quality-driven approach to include more than 75 active staff weekly. Conor, now travelling and working abroad, is still actively involved with KTOB, while simultaneously working on business-to-business relations and opportunities abroad

What our Employees say

“It’s the perfect opportunity for any student who needs the flexibility of part-time work but is still willing to put in the effort and maximise their potential to do really well in the field or when interacting with customers”
Becca McCrea

“KTOB Solutions has extended my vision to include that of business opportunities, as well as teaching me marketing skills that are applicable in many areas of life. KTOB is the perfect business to start with if you are young and willing to work hard towards making a success of your life”
Divan Rabie

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